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We aren't your standard lobbyists. We pride ourselves on creating the best relationships, because great relationships lead to great results. Knowledge of your issue and delivery of your message to the targeted audience is instrumental in our success for you.

In today’s highly-regulated world, governments at every level are increasingly involved in decisions that impact corporations, non-profits, and institutions. Organizations of all kinds can no longer prosper unaided as they have in the past. Dennehy & Bouley provides essential support to our clients through aggressive public policy consulting and advocacy services engaging Republican and Democrat elected officials and leadership.

No two business models are exactly alike, and at Dennehy & Bouley, we acknowledge and embrace the individual needs of each client. We work with each client to:

  • Create pointed public policy consulting strategies for reaching the client’s legislative, regulatory and executive branch goals;

  • Help garner public support and community involvement by orchestrating media engagement, opinion leader response, and
    policymaker action;

  • Construct clear and concise plans of action; and

  • Guide the client, from plan inception to implementation, to achieve the desired results.

Whether you need help achieving regulatory relief, promoting or defeating legislation, developing a crisis management campaign, or improving your company’s profile with State Legislators and the Executive Branch, Dennehy & Bouley can make it happen.

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