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Grassroots / Grasstops Strategy

We are the preeminent leader in grassroots/grasstops strategies in New Hampshire having led successful projects for over 40 corporations and organizations. We develop a comprehensive plan and we have the statewide network necessary to get results.

Dennehy & Bouley is the firm organizations turn to when they need to mobilize grassroots support for their clients. Elected leaders ultimately answer to their constituents. Dennehy & Bouley draw on nearly three decades of experience persuading specific constituencies to contact their Republican and Democrat officials to bring issues to the forefront by drawing on our extensive lobbying experience to bring our clients’ definitive results.

As a result of winning campaigns at the municipal level to the White House, Dennehy & Bouley principles have built a network that is second to none on both the Republican and Democrat sides of the political spectrum. They can appeal not just based on personal relationships, but on understanding the political stakes for public officials for any given decision.

  • Any firm can generate a rush of phone calls or letters. We don’t confuse activity with action!

  • By contrast, our team identifies the key players in leaders’ electorates that agree with a client,
    educates them, and mobilizes them achieving maximum impact on those leaders’ decisions.

Dennehy & Bouley offers clients the ability to build powerful coalitions around their issues, and deploy those coalitions to bring a broad array of interests to bear on those issues. Decision-makers rarely want to help a single entity. A diverse and varied coalition almost always meets with more success.

  • The firm excels at recruiting third party, industry, and ideological allies for its clients.
    Dennehy & Bouley can identify those groups that would be sympathetic from any angle.

  • Our team leaders have strong ties to every corner of the policy world: conservative, progressive,
    issue-specific, free-market, anti-tax, environmental, and consumer groups.

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