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Association Management

Small, medium or large, we know how to manage your association and achieve the best results for your members. We create efficiencies and clear value so your association will grow in membership and strength.

Professional societies, trade associations and non-profit organizations are generally driven by a core of committed volunteers. Unfortunately, as is too often the case, most members have occupations that limit the time they can spend on association duties.

Our skilled professionals provide association expertise, guidance and specialized administrative and management services. We will serve as strategic partners and be a headquarters resource for your organization. More importantly, we enable volunteers to devote their time to issues instead of administrative distractions.  Whether the need is as simple as planning an annual event, staffing a board of directors meeting, or as advanced as creating a five-year plan with new revenue-generating ideas, we have the experience to help our clients achieve their goals and maintain a strong foundation.

If you have 10,000 members or 10 members, the management structure can make or break it. Managing associations has become increasingly complex, and at Dennehy & Bouley we will handle the rapid changes taking place in professions, the economy, technology and government regulations.

Services provided:

  • Association Formation

  • Membership Development/Retention

  • Event Management

  • Strategic Planning and Leadership Development

  • Financial Management

  • Marketing

  • Website Management

  • Headquarters Infrastructure

  • Government Relations

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