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Professional Association Management Builds Stronger Organizations

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

What is your association doing to operate successfully and promote healthy growth? Chances are your answer depends on the size of your organization.

As an association management company, Dennehy & Bouley’s skilled professionals will provide management expertise and specialized administrative services to trade associations, professional societies and non-profits in an efficient and cost effective manner.

An association management company allows the organization to replace the time they spend on administrative tasks with a renewed focus on their industry issues. Association members who have typically done the administrative work can get back to their job, or spend time with their family.

At Dennehy & Bouley, we manage several associations of varying sizes to accomplish desired needs and goals that are determined by the association’s board of directors.

With larger associations, like the American Council of Engineering Companies, we have an expert in our office acting as the association’s executive director. In that role, he will develop and implement a communications program, assist in strategic planning, conduct membership drives, organize regular events, and lobby the legislature and regulatory agencies as a benefit for their member companies.

In fact, with our larger associations we will actively lobby on as many as 30 pieces of legislation for the organization. Of course, every association does things a little differently.

Some want more lobbying and relationship building in the State House while others may want more events and a communications program.

Smaller sized associations, like the NH Association of Nurse Anesthetists, require a special touch because they may not have enough funds to meet all the desires of the Board. Therefore, we focus more narrowly on tasks like bookkeeping, communications, the annual meeting and lobbying.

Regardless of the size of an organization, Dennehy & Bouley will customize our services to meet the needs of an association. We take association management seriously and you can expect us to provide efficiency and results.

Given our years of expertise, we know the best practices for association management and we value the experience of managing clients from different industries. If you are a small group and your board wants to build, we will develop a strategic plan for growth. If you are an association that is growing quickly but needs help with membership development, event planning, financial management and lobbying, then please contact us and we’ll get things under control quickly for you.

Don’t let the management of your association build stress. Rather, build up your organization by letting Dennehy & Bouley do the work for you.

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