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The 2020 Lobbying Challenge

Why is 2020 different than any other year in the lobbying industry? Because it is an election year!

And which elections will have the most impact on lobbying?

- The Governor's race, as Chris Sununu seeks his third term

- The Executive Council races, two current Councilors are leaving, and

- The NH State Senate races, which will see two separate forces at work. Senate Democrats facing extreme pressure to support State Senator Dan Feltes in racking up legislative victories to aid in his run against Governor Sununu. And, the typical election year schemes that pit Democrats versus Republicans as they seek to gain control and become the majority of next year's State Senate.

What does this mean to industries, non-profits and associations? It means they need to pay extra close attention and maneuver through a hyper-partisan process that may see elected officials looking to score political points to get a leg up in the election process.

That could sidetrack a piece of legislation - and it could be any piece of legislation - without any notice whatsoever.

If Democrats decide they want to score some political points, they could take a bill and transform it into something that may force Governor Sununu into a corner.

On the flip side, Governor Sununu may want to get the Democrats on record opposing something he sees as pro-business in hopes that he can promote himself as the owner of New Hampshire's bustling economy.

That only scratches the surface of how the lobbying process could be hijacked by election year political games.

So get ready - be prepared - pay close attention at every turn - expect the unexpected in 2020 at the State House!

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