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"It Made The Difference": Professional Association Management

Small and moderately sized associations often ask us: "How can you help us manage our association?"

Many small and moderately sized associations struggle with organizing their members to voluntarily perform association management work and they are the first to tell us: "it's overwhelming and we don't have the time".

The New Hampshire Association of Nurse Anesthetists (NHANA) is a perfect illustration of an organization that is more efficient and has improved its services with professional management.

As busy professionals, nurse anesthesiologists have very little time to administer their association, which includes: conducting monthly board meetings, following up on tasks in between board meetings so activity continues and nothing falls between the cracks, organizing an annual conference, scheduling meetings with dignitaries in New Hampshire and in Washington, D.C., implementing continuing education programs, advocating for patient safety and practice excellence, and managing finances for a growing association.

The President of the NHANA, Rae Ritter, says, "Dennehy & Bouley has been instrumental in streamlining our association's operations and giving us the tools we need to succeed and grow as an organization. Dennehy & Bouley has exceeded our expectations and made the difference in our management."

Regardless of size, every association can benefit from a boost in professional management. Do you need help with your financial books? Do you need help with regular communications to your membership? Do you need to establish some social media channels? Do you need to meet legislative leaders in Concord? Whatever your need is - Dennehy & Bouley can help. We would be honored to assist in any way so you can be in the best position for success as an association.

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