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Political Change Demands New Lobbying Strategy

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Governor Chris Sununu in meeting
Governor Chris Sununu

For the first time in nearly a century in NH, Democrats will control the Senate, House, and the Executive Council while Republicans maintain the Governorship. Many signs point to difficulty for Governor Chris Sununu as he heads into his second two-year term. Democrat Councilor Andru Volinsky fought hard against Sununu’s pick for the Superior Court. Volinksy’s actions are a clear warning of things to come for Sununu. The Executive Council must confirm all of the Governor’s appointments and all state contracts over $25,000.00. Sununu has never worked with Democrats in control. 2019 is New Hampshire’s budget year, which means the Governor and legislature must pass a two-year budget by June of 2019. Will the Democrats push for spending and tax hikes in the new budget? Will the Governor come out early against higher taxes and spending? There are more questions than answers heading into 2019. Our professional lobbyists at Dennehy & Bouley can help you answer them. Navigating the rough waters to get the job done for clients is our specialty. With big political changes, a responsive lobbying strategy is needed in NH, and we have the experience and connections to achieve results. Contact us today!

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